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Joint ADR Newsletter Archive
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Winter 2019, Vol. XVII, No. 2

  • Message from Chair Connell Mullins
  • In Memoriam: Lawrence H. Hoover, Jr., 'Father of Mediation in Virginia,' by Sam Jackson
  • Restorative Justice: Is It Just Common Sense? by Brenda Waugh
  • Keeping Neighbors Neighborly: ADR Opportunities for Property Owners' Associations, by E. Stanley Murphy

Spring 2019, Vol. XVII, No. 1

  • Message from Chair Connell Mullins
  • By Any Other Name ... Does it Smell as Sweet, by William Culbreth
  • Virginia Supreme Court's New UPL Rules Effective July 1, 2019, by Claudia Farr
  • New Council Member Profile: William Culbreth
  • JADRC Co-Sponsors 'Reuniting America: Can We Be Part of the Answer?' at the 129th VBA Annual Meeting, by Deborah Wood Blevins
  • The Restorative Benefit of a Mediator's Empathy, by Debra Fitzgerald-O'Connell

Winter 2019, Vol. XVI, No. 2

  • Message from Chair James C. Cosby
  • Virginia's Pilot Appellate Mediation Program, by Stuart A. Raphael
  • The Art of Mediation: Lessons from Improv, by Dana Plunkett
  • "Reuniting America: Can We Be Part of the Answer?" a program for the 129th VBA Annual Meeting
  • Recap of the 2018 ADR Symposium, by Claudia Farr

Spring 2018, Vol. XVI, No. 1

  • Message from Chair James C. Cosby
  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom: Listening is Key! by Andrea White Lee
  • New Council Member Profiles
  • Mentoring Initiative Kicks off May 9
  • Shaping ADR's Future: Views from the Mid-Atlantic Global Pound Conference, by the Honorable Rosemarie Annunziata (Ret.)
  • Mediation by Videoconference: The Art of Long-Distance Rapport, by Joan S. Morrow

Winter 2017, Vol. XV, No. 2

  • Message from Chair Deborah W. Blevins
  • ADR Symposium Recap, by Claudia Farr and Marina Mayes
  • Revisions to Mediator Recertification Guidelines
  • Managing Forgiveness Issues in Mediation, by David T. Deal
  • Q&A about the Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution, by Jeanne Franklin with Lawrie Parker and Christine Poulson
  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom: "Trust, Emotional Intelligence and Influence," by Jimese Pendergraft Sherrill
  • New Year's Volunteer Opportunities - Be Involved!

Spring 2017, Vol. XV, No. 1

  • Message from Chair Deborah W. Blevins
  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom, "Too Young to Mediate?" by Marina Mayes
  • New Council Member Profiles
  • Appellate Mediation on the Rise: Want to Learn More? by Claudia Farr
  • Using Your Client's Authenticity in Mediation, by James J. Mathie
  • Annunziata and Coombs to Serve as Global Pound Conference Panelists

Spring 2016, Vol. XIV, No. 1

  • Message from Chair Will Shewmake
  • New Council Member Profiles
  • Mediation Strategies: A Lawyer's Perspective
  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom, "Using ADR to Save Relationships," by Seth Locke
  • National Survey Shows Public Support for ADR

Winter 2015, Vol. XIII, No. 2

  • Professor Coben to Speak in January
  • All Things ADR Blog
  • New ADR Guide for Federal Contracts and Grants
  • Collaborative Environments
  • Tips for Lawyers Who Want to Get Good Results
  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom, "Second Guesses," by Jeanne F. Franklin

Spring 2015, Vol. XIII, No. 1

  • Technology and the Future of Dispute Resolution
  • John Lande Wows Audiences at VBA Annual Meeting
  • ADR Education Outreach -- A First
  • Access to Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom, "There Has to Be a Better Way," by L. Lee Byrd

Winter 2014, Vol. XII, No. 3

  • Lande Is Coming to Williamsburg
  • Book Review: "Lawyering with Planned Early Negotiation"
  • Virginia Mediator Certification and Civil Immunity
  • Stories from Beyond the Courtroom

Spring 2014, Vol. XII, No. 2

  • Five Factors that Make Deals Last
  • Book Review: "Client Science"
  • Transparency Through Settlement Disclosure
  • The Power of Apology

Winter 2013-14, Vol. XII, No. 1

  • Metrics that Matter, by Kimberly P. Fauss
  • Legislative Initiative, by Megan Johnston
  • Brave New World for Forging the Future, by Malcolm Thomas
  • Congratulations to John McCammon and Mark Rubin

Spring 2013, Vol. XI, No. 2

  • Baseball Arbitration: Not just for Baseball, by Jeffrey S. Stern, reprinted with permission from Virginia Lawyers Weekly
  • Mediation Safety after Arizona Shooting, by Peter Vieth, reprinted with permission from Virginia Lawyers Weekly
  • Mediation for the Next Generation, by Jared Mangum, Jeff Einhaus and Tim Archer
  • Amendment to Confidentiality Statute,by Sally P. Campbell

Winter 2012-13, Vol. XI, No. 1

  • What Mediators Can Learn from the New Research on Priming and the Unconscious Activation of Mental Processes, by Jane Juliano
  • Litigation Prenups, by Daniel B. Winslow
  • Ambiguity in the Confidentiality Statute, by Sam Jackson

Spring 2012, Vol. X, No. 2

  • Civility—A Tool for All Practitioners. Hon. Rosemarie Annunziata examines the importance of words as a bedrock principle for fostering civility. 
  • Why Apologize? Kimberly P. Fauss increases awareness of the pivotal role of the apology in conflict resolution through the lens of neuroscience.
  • The Limits of Rationality: Effective Conversations with Difficult Individuals. Jonathan E. Kaufmann discusses how mediators can keep the process moving.
  • Mediation in the Workers' Compensation Commission, by Deputy Commissioner Deborah Wood Blevins.
  • The Case for Separate Settlement Counsel in the ADR Process, by Alan Rudlin.

Winter 2011-12, Vol. X, No. 1

  • Reflecting on Three Decades of Family Mediation: An Interview with Lawrence D. Gaughan, one of Virginia's first professional mediators.
  • Healthcare ADR, by Jeanne Franklin. The imperative need for cooperative planning in healthcare.
  • Win-Win: Top 10 Tips for Mediation Advocacy Competitions, by Faith Alejandro & Paul Falabella
  • Recent revisions to the Joint ADR Committee's Bylaws

Spring 2011, Vol. IX, No. 2

  • Civil Cases and the Collaborative Process: Virginia update, by P. Marshall Yoder & Donita M. King
  • Good Reads: An ADR Reading List, featuring works by John Lande, Ellen Waldman, Lisa Herrick, Susan Shearhouse, Eric Galton, and Lela Love.
  • The End of Class Action Arbitration?
  • Other topics include: ADR Developments from the cases of Intersections, Inc. v. Loomis and United States v. Tessa Structures LLC, the adopted revisions to the Virginia Standards of Ethics & Professional Responsibility, and more!

Fall 2010, Vol. IX, No. 1

  • The New Use of an Old Tool: The Judge Pro Tem Statute, by Robert W. Wooldridge, Jr.
  • Stretch Your Mediation Wings: School-Based Restorative Justice, by David T. Deal
  • 24th Judicial District Sets Pace for J&DR Mediation, by Stephen C. Martin
  • Other topics include: ADR Case Studies, National Mediation Month, and more!

Summer 2010, Vol. VIII, No. 2

  •  ADR Innovations at Virginia Law Schools, by Sam Jackson
  •  Across the Bridge, by Marcia K. Thompson
  •  Book Review of "Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive," by Noah J. Goldstein, Steve J. Martin, and Robert B. Cialdini
  •  Other topics include recent developments in ADR and discussion of Stolt-Nielsen v. Animalfeeds Int'l Corp, regarding class action arbitrations, and more!

Winter 2009/2010, Vol. VIII, No. 1 

  •  New Skills for Lawyers as ADR Counselors and Gatekeepers, by Jeanne F. Franklin
  •  An Overview of the Virginia State Bar's Fee Dispute Resolution Program, by Geetha Ravindra
  •  Uniform Collaborative Law Act Under Consideration
  •  J.D. v. Kanawha County Board of Education: Settlement Proposals in Mediation Deemed Confidential
  •  Other topics include a preview of popular CLE, Mastering the Art of Advocacy in ADR: Tips and Techniques for the Skilled Practitioner, ADR in State Government, and more!

Winter 2008, Vol. VII, No. 1

  • Partnering to Reduce Conflict: Leadership Lessons from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, by Lee L. Anderson, Jr. and Brian D. Polkinghorn
  • Perreault v. The Free Lance-Star: Addressing Mediation Confidentiality in Wrongful Death Settlements
  • Other topics include changes to the Circuit Court Mediation program, Developments in Health Care Dispute Resolution, and more! 

Spring 2008, Vol. VI, No. 2

  • Establishing a Mediation Practice: Advice for Lawyers, by Robert W. Hassold, Jr.
  • Recent Case Law Addressing Mediated Settlements, compiled by Rosemarie Annunziata
  • "Mama Loved Me Best!": The Challenges and Nuances of Estate Mediation, by Joseph G. Jarret
  • Other topics include Joint Committee's Position on a proposed UPL Opinion regarding the representation of a client by a non-lawyer CPA, Confidentiality in Mediation Discussions, and Virginia's Executive Branch ADR Initiative, and more!

Winter 2007, Vol. VI, No. 1

  •  Restorative Justice in Virginia, by David M. Saunier and Rebecca Moyer,
  •  Ten Things Mediators Hate to Hear, by Sheldon J. Stark and Stuart M. Israel
  •  Five Suggestions for Neutrals with Culturally Diverse Participants, by Donita M. King
  •  Other topics include Geetha Ravindra's Departure from the Supreme Court's Dispute Resolution Services, ABA Ethics Opinion Approval of Collaborative Law, and more!

Spring 2007, Vol. V, No. 2

  • Breaking Impasse-and Breaking Bread-at Regional Meetings
  • A Tale of Two Cases: Employment Mediation Practice in an Imperfect World, by Jonathan Kaufmann
  • Marketing Your Mediation Practice, a Review of "How to Make Money as a Mediator (and Create Value for Everyone)" by Jeffrey Krivis and Naomi Lucks
  • Other topics include ABA Representation in Mediation Competition, Mediation Ethics Review, Underground Utility Damage Mediation Pilot Program, Custody Pro Bono Mediation Project, Arbitration and more!

Fall 2006, Vol. V, No. 1

  • The Dispute Resolution Continuum, by Kimberly Fauss
  • Mandatory Mediation in the Fourth Circuit: Making It Work, by Thomas F. Ball III
  • Fitting the Ethics to the Forum: A Bold Proposal, by Larry Hoover – A Review of Robert C. Bordone’s Essay “Fitting the Ethics to the Forum: A Proposal for Process-Enabling Ethical Codes”
  • American Bar Association Committee Addresses Truthfulness in Caucused Mediation
  • Other topics include New Statewide Collaborative Law Group, Futures Commission on ADR, and more!
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