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Boyd-Graves Conference
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2018 Conference

Follow our calendar for details about the 2018 conference (invitation only). The two-day meeting usually occurs in September or October.

2017 Conference

The 2017 conference met Oct. 6 and 7, where attendees determined which recommendations to submit to the VBA for consideration in the association's 2018 legislative agenda.

About the Conference

The Boyd-Graves Conference was created by Thomas V. Monahan, a former VBA president. He believed that civil practice in Virginia would be improved if lawyers with different types of practices, from all regions of the state, would meet and attempt to reach consensus about ways to improve the law. 

Beginning in 1978, Monahan began arranging annual meetings of lawyers at the Tides Inn in Irvington. At first a small and informal gathering known as the “Tides Inn Conference,” the meeting eventually became a carefully planned event for nearly 100 lawyers, professors and judges representing a wide variety of practices throughout the Commonwealth. 

Later, the conference was renamed the Boyd-Graves Conference. The name honors the contributions of revered law professors T. Munford Boyd and Edward S. Graves to the advancement of Virginia’s civil procedure. 

Items are discussed at the Conference after they are studied by committees of Conference members. A steering committee meets twice during the year to plan the conference.

Read more about the conference in the VBA Journal.

Reports to the 2016 Conference

The 2016 conference met Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, and submitted its recommendations to the VBA for consideration in the association's 2017 legislative agenda.

The report is downloadable in three parts, and is in searchable PDF format.

2016 Materials Part 1

  • Cover Page, Schedule, Table of Contents, Tabs 1-17, including:
    • Rules of Evidence Update
    • Deposing Governmental Bodies
    • Amending Assignments of Error
    • Scope of Probate Jurisdiction
    • Document Subpoenas on Foreign Entities
    • Life Insurance in Divorce (carryover topic)
    • Copies of Medical Records
    • Regulation of Court Reporters (carryover topic)
    • ESI Discovery
    • Pretrial Order in Condemnation Cases (carryover topic)
    • Amending Complaint After Demurrer
    • Rule on Witnesses in Depositions
    • Offer of Judgment
    • Appeals of Right in Civil Cases

2016 Materials Part 2

  • Table of Contents, Tabs 18-19, covering:
    • Wrongful-Death Statute Beneficiaries
    • Live Trial Testimony by Video

2016 Materials Part 3

  • Table of Contents, Tabs 20-26, covering:
    • Releasing Legal-Malpractice Defendants
    • Severing Tenancy-by-Entirety Estates
    • Trespass by Drone
    • Preserving Error on Motions to Reconsider
    • Divorce for Overseas U.S. Employees
    • Homeowner's Liability-Policy Limit Disclosure
    • Rule-to-Show-Cause Procedure (carryover topic)

Reports to the 2015 Conference

The report is downloadable in five parts, and is in searchable PDF format.

Part 1 of 5 (1.7 MB)

This contains introductory materials and tab 1 to tab 3, covering:

  • Mission statement
  • Minutes of October 2014 conference
  • Legislative report

Part 2 of 5 (6.2 MB)

This contains tab 4 to tab 10, covering:

  • Rules of Evidence update
  • Attorney-issued subpoenas
  • Expert communications
  • Service of process by commercial carrier
  • General district court jurisdiction
  • Supersedeas bonds
  • Ghostwritten pleadings

Part 3 of 5 (2.6 MB)

This contains tab 11 to tab 15, covering:

  • Notice of entry of final judgment
  • Limitations of actions for benign tumors
  • Electronic service under Rule 1:12
  • Delayed filing of action by clerk
  • Punitive damages cap

Part 4 of 5 (22.4 MB)

This contains tab 16, Post-divorce life insurance order

Part 5 of 5 (9.1 MB)

This contains tabs 17-26, covering:

  • Birth-related neurological injury compensation
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
  • Priest-penitent privilege
  • Amendment of divorce complaints
  • Retained and nonretained expert witnesses
  • Arguing ad damnum to jury
  • Disclosures of expert testimony and learned treatises
  • Rules to show cause
  • Computation of time
  • Discovery in eminent domain

Reports to the 2014 Conference

The report is downloadable in four parts, and is in searchable PDF format.

Part 1 of 4 (12.5 MB)

This contains introductory materials and tab 1 to part of tab 8, covering:

  • Chairman's letter
  • Agenda
  • Acknowledgement
  • Table of Contents
  • Introductions
  • Minutes of 2013 conference
  • Legislative report
  • Rules of Evidence update
  • Sufficiency of process actually received
  • Attorney General intervention to defend laws
  • Amending limitations rules when fraud involved
  • Admissions under Virginia Rule 2:408

Part 2 of 4 (21.8 MB)

This contains more of tab 8, Admissions under Virginia Rule 2:408.

Part 3 of 4 (13.4 MB)

This contains the remainder of tab 8 to tab 19, covering:

  • Admissions under Virginia Rule 2:408
  • Abatement of divorce upon death
  • Affidavits in divorce actions
  • Distinguishing between retained and hybrid experts
  • Discovering expert communications and drafts
  • Condo and HOA appeals from GDC
  • Subpoena-service fees
  • Clergy-communicant privilege
  • Motions to quash non-party subpoenas
  • Liens on settlement proceeds
  • Standards for temporary injunctions
  • Amending the discovery rule in certain tort cases

Part 4 of 4 (6.3 MB)

This contains tabs 20-26, covering:

  • Attorney's fees in domestic relations appeals
  • Appealing injunctions under Code Section 8.01-626
  • Waiving motion to strike by introducing evidence
  • Standard form to qualify personal representative
  • Uniform pre-trial scheduling orders
  • Birth-related neurological industry claims [Va. Code Ann. Section 8.01-273.1]
  • Amending UCCJEA

Reports to the 2013 Conference

The report (14MB) is in searchable PDF format.

Reports to the 2012 Conference

All reports are in PDF format.

Mission Statement and History
Minutes - 2011 Conference
Legislative Report
Rules of Evidence Update
Use of Hyperlinked Briefs
Punitive Damages
Admissibility of Medical Records
State Class Actions in Virginia
Preemption of Beneficiary Designations
Amendment of Section 8.01-428(c)
Revision of Rule 1:18(B) and Pretrial Scheduling Order
Uniform Arbitration Act
Recoverable Costs and Attorneys' Fees on Appeal
UIM Cost Shifting
Expansion of Court of Appeals Jurisdiction
Comparative Fault
Literature Designations Under Section 8.01-401.1
Declarations to Authenticate Business Records
Discovery Rule for Statute of Limitations
Social Security Numbers
Long-Arm Service on Foreign Business Entities

Reports to the 2011 Conference

All reports are in PDF format

Minutes - 2010 conference
General Assembly Action on 2010 Conference Recommendations
Committee on State Class Action Law in Virginia
Committee to Study Injunction Bonds
Proposed Amendments to Va. Code §§ 20-99 and 20-99.2(A)
Should the Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court be Amended to: Require Expert Reports; Distinguish Between Disclosures Required Regarding Retained Experts versus Fact Experts; and Disclosure of Work Product to Expert Witnesses
Committee to Study Va. Code § 11-4.1
Report on Impact of the Spear Decision Regarding the Effect of an Increased Ad Damnum in a Lawsuit Filed after a Nonsuit
Subcommittee to Study Va. Code § 8.01-271.1
Codification of Common Interest Doctrine '11
Report on Recoverable Costs and Attorney's Fees on Appeal
Report of the Evidence Committee
Report of the 2011 Committee Studying Virginia Arbitration Laws
Conference Study Group on Revision of Virginia Supreme Court Rule 1:18(B), Pretrial Scheduling Order
Report of Boyd-Graves Conference Subcommittee on Charitable Immunity
Court Appointed Counsel for Indigent Parent
Committee to Study Whether § 8.01-401.1 of the Code of Virginia Regarding Literature Designations Should be Amended
Discovery Rule for Statute of Limitations
Punitive Damages Study Committee
Subcommittee to Study Amendment to Rule 4 for Surveillance Material
Final Report of the 2011 Committee on a Statutory Amendment to Address Commonwealth v. Wynn

Reports to the 2010 Conference

All reports are in PDF format.

Editor's Notes on 2010 Boyd-Graves Committee Reports
Minutes - 2009 Conference
General Assembly Action in 2009 Conference Recommendations
Evidence Issues
Spoliation of Evidence
Punitive Damages Issues
Impact of Spear Decision Re: Effect of Increased Ad Damnum in Suit Filed After a Non-Suit
Voir Dire
Change to Supreme Court of Virginia Rule 4:7(d) to Clarify Effect of an Objection to the Form in a Disposition
Attorney Liability to Client; Va. Code § 54.1-3906
Court Filings of Social Security Numbers in Civil Cases
Need for Changes in Arbitration Laws
Expansion of the Jurisdiction of the General District Court
Literature Designations
Timely Conclusion of Judicial Proceedings Terminating Residual Parental Rights
Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act - Senate Bill 80
Counterclaims in Family Law Divorce and Related Matters
Motions Craving Oyer
Uniform Pre-Trial Scheduling Order
Charitable Immunity
Special Appearance to Challenge Personal Jurisdiction
Recovery of Specific Costs and Attorney's Fees on Appeal
Attorney Issued Subpoenas

Reports to the 2009 Conference

All reports are in PDF format.

Editor's Notes on 2009 Boyd-Graves Committee Reports
General Assembly Action on 2008 Conference Recommendations
Guide to Evidence
Attorney's Fees When Verdict is less than $15,000
Amendment of Pleadings
Virginia Uniform Arbitration Act
Fifth Amendment Privilege in Divorce Actions
Timing of Filing Bill Costs
Comparative Negligence
Dollar Based Provisions in the Virginia Code
Sovereign Immunity
Supersedeas Bonds
Equivalent of Federal Rule of Evidence 502
Evidentiary Foundation for Electronic Evidence
Medical Liens
Vocational Experts and Rule 4:10
Medicare Set Aside
Jury Venire
Jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals
Pretrial Scheduling Order
Claims Against Counties
Nonsuits of Counterclaims
Lien for Advanced Attorney's Fees

Reports to the 2008 Conference

All reports are in PDF format.

General Assembly Action on 2007 Conference Recommendations
Guide to Evidence
Code of Evidence
Compulsory Counterclaim
Safe Harbor Provision for VA Code 8.01-271.1
De Bene Esse Depositions
Documentary Evidence Discoverable from Experts
Scope of Discovery
Juvenile Court Discovery 
Uniform Scheduling Order
Discovery When Demurrer Pending
Resolution of Medicaid and State Hospital Lines
Virginia Privilege Law
Guardians for Non-Resident Plaintiffs
Fraudulent Conveyance Suit -- Attorneys Fees
Uniform Interstate Depositions & Discovery Act
Expert Witness Disclosures
Electronic Discovery
Spoliation of Evidence
Juror Anonymity
Demonstrative Evidence
Corporate Depositions 
Governmental Immunity

Reports to the 2007 Conference

General Assembly Action on 2006 Conference Recommendations
Guide to Evidence
Sovereign Immunity
Withdrawal of Civil Circuit Court Appeals: General District Court & Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts
Use of Trial Depositions
Amendment of Virginia Discovery Rules to Particularize Considerations Regarding Electronically Stored Information
Attorneys Fees Proof Considerations in Litigation
Endorsement of Orders on Behalf of all Counsel with Certification
Bond Requirements in Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts
Study of Section 8.01-35.1 of the Code of Virginia
Virginia Statutory and/or Rule Considerations Regarding Preliminary Injunctions/TROS
Virginia's Declaratory Judgment Statute and Procedures
Amendment of 16.1-264 (A) Regarding Certified Mail Service Procedure in Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
Availability of Discovery in Pending Immunity Pleas
Virginia LLC's and LLP's Members and Citizen Requirement
Relief from Early Trial Date when Service Delayed
Documentary Information Discoverable from Expert Witnesses
Specific Mechanism for Judicial Decision of Matters Taken Under Advisement
Bill of Review (8.01-623) and its Abolition
Invalidation of Filings by Counsel Whose License is Suspended

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