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VBA Journal
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The VBA Journal and earlier VBA News Journals are the official publication of The Virginia Bar Association.

VBA Journal Spring 2020 cover

Current Issue -- Spring 2020

On the Cover
Meet Alison McKee, mom, wife and 132nd VBA president, by Lisa Oliver Monroe

130th Annual Meeting, photos by Sam Hughes, Marilyn Shaw and Khadijah Vasser
Exempt or nonexempt? New salary level requires employers to revamp pay practices, by Lindsey A. Strachan
In the child's best interest: Other than parents, who has standing to seek custody and visitation rights in Virginia? by Naveed Kalantar
Make the call: Virginia Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, by Katherine Pyles
Judicial Learning Center: Exhibits personalize Virginia's judicial history, by Marilyn Shaw

VBA Journal Fall 2019 cover

Previous Issue -- Fall 2019

On the Cover
The medical marijuana debate, by Maya Eckstein and Phoebe Willis

129th Summer Meeting, photos by Rick Barbero, R. Yvonne Cockram and Marilyn Shaw
The 2019 revision to the Virginia Stock Corporation Act, by Steven M. Haas
State Corporation Commission prepares enhanced online services for business records and UCC filings, by Emily Wingfield
Suspension and debarment rules in Virginia public procurement, by Edmund M. Amorosi and Daniel H. Ramish
Cuba visit a 'trip of a lifetime'? You bet! by Alison McKee

VBA Journal Spring 2019 cover

Previous Issue -- Spring 2019

On the Cover
Introducing Richard E. Garriott Jr., the VBA's 131st president

129th Annual Meeting, photos by Louis Fronkier, R. Yvonne Cockram and Marilyn Shaw
Show me the money: Recent developments concerning attorneys' fees in Virginia & Practical Tips, by Kirk M. Sosebee and Alicha M. Grubb
Pilot projects in appellate mediation begin, by John O'Herron
Proper professionalism: The Virginia Bar Association's efforts to encourage civility, by Lisa Oliver Monroe
The blockbuster that is blockchain: What it means to the practice of law, by Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
Bills backed in the 2019 General Assembly session, by Jeffrey S. Palmore

VBA Journal Fall 2018

Previous Issue -- Fall 2018

On the Cover
A fully funded judiciary, by Jeffrey S. Palmore

128th Summer Meeting, photos by Rick Barbero and Marilyn Shaw
How the Virginia attorney general has used the Virginia Consumer Protection Act to augment its reach, by Ashley L. Taylor, David N. Anthony, Stephen C. Piepgrass, and Ryan J. Strasser
Cybersecurity risks: If you think the construction industry is immune, think again, by Jonathan V. Gallo
Third-party legal opinions in business transactions: A practical guide for Virginia lawyers, by Alison M. McKee and Charles L. Menges
The state of pro bono, compiled by Marilyn Shaw from reports submitted to the Supreme Court of Virginia

VBA Journal Spring 2018

Previous Issue -- Spring 2018

On the Cover
The VBA's 130th president, C.J. Steuart Thomas III and his family

128th Annual Meeting, photos by Sam Hughes and Marilyn Shaw
Unmanned drone revolution, by E. Tazewell "Ted" Ellett and Matthew J. Clark
#MeToo, #Timesup, and work, adapted from an Annual Meeting program outline by David C. Burton and Arlene F. Klinedinst
Bid protect remedies and the Virginia Public Procurement Act, by Jonathan D. Shaffer and Todd M. Garland
VBA on Main: Open for your business, by Marilyn Shaw

VBA Journal Fall 2017

Previous Issue -- Fall 2017

On the Cover
VBA on Main hard hat tour

A proposal for divorce proceedings, in Swiftian fashion, by the Hon. Everett A. Martin Jr. with Philip B. Timmerman.
Construction indemnity in Virginia, by John D. Wilburn and Jennifer A. Guy
The longstanding tradition of VBA-presented debates, by Lisa Oliver Monroe
Securing our future through membership growth, by N. Thomas Connally III

VBA Journal Spring 2017

Spring 2017

On the Cover
VBA on Main: New VBA home adds work, social space for members, by Marilyn Shaw.

Judicial Performance Evaluation Program, by Lisa Oliver Monroe.
Legislative proposals spur new laws, by Jeffrey S. Palmore
Security Awareness: Is your firm protected? by Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
Triage in client intake, by the Honorable Deborah Wood Blevins
Reed Smith donates $6,900 for veteran legal services

VBA Journal Winter 2016-2017

Winter 2016-2017

On the Cover
Historic preservation at the VBA: The mission of the Committee on Art & Artifacts, by Thomas M. Winn III.

'Til death do we part(ner). Virginia's new elective share laws, by John T. Midgett.
Changes to Rules 1.2(a) and 1.6(b)(7). A client's intent to commit a crime, perjury, and the lawyer's ethical duty to report, by James M. McCauley, VSB ethics counsel.
The growing potential issue of lawyer impairment, by Lisa Oliver Monroe.
Justice for all: Shining a spotlight on the topic of implicit bias, by Tony Guagenti.

VBA Journal Fall 2016

Fall 2016

On the Cover
The Young Lawyers Division reviews and evaluates itself to set course an even more vibrant future, by Toni Guagenti.

A look at Rule 1:1, Umana-Barrera, and nunc pro tunc orders, by the Honorable Everett A. Martin Jr.
Uncovering the true meaning of "best efforts" clauses, by Mark C. Shuford and Latosha M. Ellis.
What you need to know about Virginia's new Uniform POA Act, by I. Mark Cohen.

VBA Journal Spring 2016

Spring 2016

On the Cover
VBA President Jim Guy, in tune with law and life, by Lisa Oliver Monroe.

Virginia's vibrant legal history on display, by Toni Guagenti.
Europe's refugee crisis and the Schengen Accord, by Bryan W. Horn.
VBA's connection to one of the Cold War's most high-profile cases, by Shane Arrington; photos courtesy of Francis Gary Powers Jr.
Ten years and many tons with the Legal Food Frenzy, by Dawn Nolan.

VBA Journal Winter 2015-16

Winter 2015-2016

On the Cover
The legacy of Loving, by Stuart A. Raphael.

To have and to hold after Obergefell, by Matthew L. Kreitzer.
Same-sex marriage & estates, by Emily B. Talbott.
The future of public-private partnerships, by Arnie B. Mason.
Pro bono proponents, by Toni Guagenti.

VBA Journal Fall 2015

Fall 2015

On the Cover
Many VBA members have joined the ranks of small or solo practices with rewarding results.

Cybersecurity and the duty to protect confidential client information, by James M. McCauley.
Why lawyers resist rules requiring competence with technology, by Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek.
National Moot Court Competition prepares law students for practice. The YLD makes regionals a reality, by Lisa Oliver Monroe.

VBA Journal Spring 2015

Spring 2015

On the Cover
For VBA President Pete Johnson, life is as much about being in the moment as it is about practice and preparation.

A modern "Billy Goats Gruff": The patent troll under the bridge, by Belinda Jones.
Key aspects about the Affordable Care Act every attorney -- and employer -- should know, by Lisa Oliver Monroe.
VBA legislative initiatives find broad support, by Jeffrey S. Palmore.

VBA Journal Winter 2014-15

Winter 2014-15

On the Cover
In honor of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, Professor A.E. Dick Howard looks at its influence, which greatly shaped American constitutionalism.

The role of Virginia courts in addressing unaccompanied alien minors, by Richard E. Garriott Jr.
The VBA's insurance agency subsidiary, Virginia Barristers Alliance Inc., adds lawyers professional liability and business coverage, by Lisa Oliver Monroe.
The effect of bankruptcy on mechanic's lien rights in Virginia, by W. Alexander Burnett and Andrew O. Mathews.

VBA Journal fall 2014 cover features the redesigned website

Fall 2014

On the Cover
The VBA's redesigned website features robust members-only capabilities and works well on smartphones and tablets.

A decline in legal writing skills raises concern, by Jody Taylor.
Is there a self-dealing exception to the business-judgment rule for Virginia limited liability companies? by Christopher Pickens.
What every attorney needs to know about 529 savings plans, by G. Alisa Ferguson and Chris McGee.

VBA Journal Spring 2014 cover features John L. Walker III

Spring 2014

On the Cover
Despite his father and grandfather's service as president of the VBA, pursuing the law wasn't a given for John L. Walker III.

Profits of membership: Business development through the VBA, by Jody Taylor.
Immigration crackdown: What employers should know before Homeland Security comes knocking, by Minnie Fu.
FCC ponders next step to protect a barrier-free Internet, by Eric G. Null

VBA Journal Winter 2013-14 Cover features 'Ted' Ellett

Winter 2013-14

On the Cover
Having a voice on the national stage add value: "Ted" Ellett serves as the VBA's delegate to the ABA.

U.S. Supreme Court pre-empts Virginia's statute on revocation of death benefits.
The Docket: Fall networking and education programs.
The culture of inclusion -- a Law Practice Management Division initiative.

Fall 2013 VBA Journal cover image

Fall 2013

On the Cover
The story behind the VBA's insurance subsidiary, Virginia Barristers Alliance.

How the new advertising ethics rules affect your solicitation of potential clients.
Five points Virginia lawyers should keep in mind about non-compete covenants.
Q&A with John Dean and James Robenalt, 40 years after the Senate Watergate Committee hearings.

Spring 2013 VBA Journal cover image

Spring 2013

Cover story
Tom Bagby fosters collaboration.

Virginia policy and the Affordable Care Act
Careful study by the Boyd-Graves Conference
2013 legislative gains

Winter 2012-13 VBA Journal cover

Winter 2012-2013

Cover story
Legislative process goes year'round

Ethics Rule 1.18: Duties to a prospective client, by Robert L. Freed
Women in the Law
Lawyers Helping Lawyers assistance program

VBA Journal Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Redesigned and expanded in 2012 -- now 40 handsome, full-color pages

VBA Journal Spring 2012

Spring 2012

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January 2003 (Vol. XXIX, Number 1)

“Honoring the Chief Justice of Virginia,” remarks by the Honorable Gerald L. Baliles
“Lie, Cheat and Steal: The Art of Non-Legal Public Speaking,” by Paul B. Terpak
“Practicing Law Smarter, Not Harder,” Newsletter of the VBA Law Practice Management Division, edited by Jack White

  • “Kill the Clock, Spare the Lawyers: Has Alternate Billing’s Time Finally Come?” by Gant Redmon
  • “Do We Really Need Mentors?”
  • “In a World Full of Color and Images, Lawyers’ Documents Are Not,” by Jack White
  • “Now We Will Have HIPAA Regulations,” by Heman Marshall

Cyberlaw: “Combating Cyber-Torts: Protections and Pitfalls of the Virginia Computer Crimes Act,” by Gordon A. Coffee and Charles B. Klein

December 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 8)

Civil Litigation: “Law and Equity in Virginia,” by the Honorable D. Arthur Kelsey
Young Lawyers Division: “The Fruits of Our Labors,” by Vaughan Gibson Aaronson

October 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 7)

Civil Litigation:

  • “Appealable Issues in Virginia: ‘Preserving Error’ and Determining ‘Finality,’” by Professor Kent Sinclair
  • “Preservation of Evidence: New Focus on Old Issues,” by John E. Coffey
September 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 6)

“Law and Politics: The Imperative of Judicial Self-Restraint,” by the Honorable D. Arthur Kelsey
Civil Litigation: “Recovery of Lost Profits: An Improved Weapon in the War on Trade Secret Misappropriation,” by Attison L. Barnes III and Charles C. Lemley

July 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 5)

“Pigs and Rats Once Had Their Days in Court,” by Richard A. Repp
Administrative Law:

  • “Beyond Notice and Comment: An Examination of the Rulemaking Process in Florida,” by Stephen T. Maher
  • Perspective on Administrative Law: “Electric Deregulation Still Critically Important,” by Edward L. Flippen
June 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 4)

“Law Reform, Public Service Have Distinguished The Virginia Bar Association for 112 Years,” by Caroline Bolte Cardwell

April 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 3)

“An Introduction to the VBA Law Practice Management Division,” by Heman A. Marshall III
Construction & Public Contracts Law:

  • “Is the Failure to File an Itemized Statement of Account Jurisdictional?” by M. Melissa Glassman and John Wilburn
  • “Liability to the Owner for Latent Defects: It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over,” by Shannon J. Briglia
March 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 2)

“Thoughts on Leadership: Three Simple Words,” by the Honorable Gerald L. Baliles
Construction & Public Contracts Law:

  • “Application of the UCC to Construction Projects: Suppliers Beware,” by Fred R. Kozak
  • “The Subcontractor’s Dilemma: Recovery of Damages Caused by the Owner Under Virginia Law,” by William E. Franczek and John R. Lockard
January 2002 (Vol. XXVIII, Number 1)

“The Pro Bono Hotlines: Ten Years and Counting,” by David N. Anthony

December 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 8)

VBA Strategic Planning

  • “Toward Complete Professionalism: Balancing Lifestyle and Practice,” by Heman A. Marshall III
  • “VBA ‘Pipeline Project’ to Expand to New Venues,” by Professor Jayne W. Barnard
October 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 7)

VBA Strategic Planning

“Fostering Public Confidence in the Judicial System,” by F. Blair Wimbush
Domestic Relations:

  • “The Relevance of Tax Benefits in Child Support Calculations,” by Cynthia L. Ewing
  • “Dividing the House Divided,” by Cheryl Watson Smith
  • “Classification, Valuation & Division of Stock Options,” by Alexander S. de Witt
  • “Are You a Lawyer with CLASS?” by Cheshire I’Anson Eveleigh and David H. Spratt

Environment, Natural Resources & Energy Law: “New Regulations for Nontidal Wetlands,” by Roy Hoagland and Patrick O’Hare

September 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 6)

The Practice of Professionalism: “Playing the Game of Life,” by Professor John E. Donaldson
Administrative Law

  • “Recodification of the Virginia Administrative Process Act: Highlights and Comparable Sections,” by Paige Holloway
  • “Virginia’s Regulatory Town Hall,” by Stewart J. Lagarde Jr.
July 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 5)

Wills, Trusts & Estates Law

  • “How Repeal of the Estate Tax Will Affect Estate Planning,” by Howard M. Zaritsky
  • “Expanding Your Estate Planning Practice,” by I. Mark Cohen

“A Midsummer Night’s Movie,” by Rod Smolla

June 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 4)

Construction & Public Contracts Law: “Using the Statutory Employer Defense,” by D. Stan Barnhill
Administrative Law: “When Regulatory Agencies Twist Arms to Get Things Done,” by Lars Noah

April 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 3)

“Multijurisdictional Issues: Crossing the Line,” by Anthony C. Epstein

March 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 2)

Civil Litigation:

  • “Recent Changes in the Federal Rules of Evidence,” by Professor James Joseph Duane and Bruce D. Page Jr.
  • “Recovering Attorney Fees in Virginia,” by William R. Mauck Jr.
  • “The Fourth Circuit Lays a Real Trap for the Unwary,” by Professor James Joseph Duane
  • “Who’s ‘Interested’ in the Virginia Deadman’s Statute?” by Stephen C. Price and Lawrence J. McClafferty
January 2001 (Vol. XXVII, Number 1)

President’s Page: “Strategic Thinking: 2001 and Beyond,” by Anita O. Poston
John Marshall Bicentennial: “No Higher Inspiration, No Surer Guide,” speech by the Honorable Horace Gray

December 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 8)

White House Conference, Public Policy Program are Highlights of 2000 for VBA Issues Committee, by Caroline Bolte Cardwell
Practice Pointers: Power Presentation Secrets You Must Know, by Sterling Harris
The VBA in History: 1974: Three Weeks Before Becoming President, Gerald Ford addressed the VBA
Preparations Underway for Marshall Bicentennial in 2001, as Planners Recall 1901 Celebrations

October 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 7)

The VBA in History: 110 Years Ago – Some Thoughts on the Study and Practice of Law, from 1980, by Col. R.T.W. Duke
Legal Focus: Substance Abuse Treatment Records: A Special Corner of Medical Privacy, by Paul A. Lombardo, Ph.D., J.D.
Internet Access Among U.S. Lawyers Increasing Rapidly

September 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 6)

Collaborations 2000: An Overview of Some VBA Plans
Lawyer Behavior in State and Federal Courts: Is There a Difference? By Thomas E. Spahn, Chair, VBA Professionalism Task Force
VBA/YLD Programs Win Honors at ABA Annual Meeting in NYC

July 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 5)

The VBA in History: 100 Years Ago – The Lawyer of the Future, by R.T. Irvine
Striking the Right Notes (with Christopher Falzone): How his lawyer parents are nurturing young pianist's talent, by Caroline Bolte
Practicing Wellness: The Delicate Balance

June 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 4)

Legal Focus: Alternative Dispute Resolution in Virginia Now, by Michael L. Sterling and David W. Lannetti
Practice Pointers: A ‘Once-A-Day Prescription’ for Personal Marketing Health, by L. Russell Lawson III
From Russia with Cautious Optimism, by Charles E.K. Vasaly
Lemons Joins Supreme Court Bench

April 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 3)

VBA Plans for the 21st Century and new millennium
The VBA in History: 50 Years Ago – Russian President Alexander Kerensky Addressed the VBA, by Caroline Bolte

March 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 2)

President’s Page: Changes and Challenges, by Anita O. Poston
Practice Pointers: The Web: 21st Century Access to Courts, Facts & Law, by Gant Redmon
The Dark Side of the ‘Net, by Caroline Bolte

January 2000 (Vol. XXVI, Number 1)

Anita Poston of Norfolk Will Become the VBA’s First Woman President This Month
Practice Pointers: Creating Firm Esprit de Corps and Helping Children, by the Honorable Mark L. Earley, attorney general of Virginia
Practice Tips: Coordinate Your Client’s Trademarks and Domain Names!!! by Marshall M. Curtis
Flood Relief Funds Top $30,000 as Needs Assessment Continues

December 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 8)

The VBA Century
Practice Pointers: A Communications Policy for the Information Age, by Donald D. Long
VBA Offer to Coordinate Relief Efforts for Southside Lawyers Results in Thousands of Dollars Raised Throughout Virginia

October 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 7)

Legal Focus: Interim Report of The Virginia Bar Association Professionalism Task Force Judiciary Coordination Project, by the Honorable Donald W. Lemons and Thomas E. Spahn
Practice Pointers; Train Associates to be Business Builders, by Theodore L. Chandler Jr.
The (Half-)Million Dollar Man. With the Nation Watching Breathlessly, VBA Member Michael Shutterly of Richmond Won the Largest Cash Prize in the History of American Television, by Caroline Bolte
As Monster-Hurricanes Hammer the East Coast, Virginia Lawyers Volunteer Help to Victims

September 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 6)

Virginia’s New Managed Care Ombudsman Can Help Consumers and Health Care Providers Find Effective Methods for Solving Problems, by Martha Blevins Brissette
Practice Pointers: What Shall We Do About E-Mail? By Jackson S. White Jr.
Weekday Lawyer, Weekend Referee. Profile of Robert C. “Robin” Wood III, by Caroline Bolte
National Honors for the VBA/YLD, by Philip W. Parker, YLD Chair

July 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 5)

Legal Focus: Article 2B’s New Uniform: A Free-Standing Computer Information Transactions Act, by Fred H. Miller and Carlyle C. Ring Jr.
Personal Profile: SCC Commissioner Hullihen Williams Moore Captures Natural Wonders with his Camera

June 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 4)

Legal Focus: Pleadings as Communications Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, by Eugene E. Derryberry
Drug Asset Forfeiture in Virginia, by Thomas G. Shaia
Practice Pointers: What’s in a Name? Protecting Your Company’s Trademarks, by Kenneth E. Liu
National Center for State Courts Unveils New Ed Tech Center with Virtual Fireworks

April 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 3)

Task Force to Hold Public Hearings on Gender Bias in the Courts
ADR for Managed Healthcare Disputes, by Roderick B. Mathews

March 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 2)

‘Cloning: Double or Nothing’
Juvenile Drug Court Coming to Richmond

January 1999 (Vol. XXV, Number 1)

Legal Focus: The Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act, by G. Michael Pace Jr.
Restatement of Appealability in Virginia
Personal Profile: The Taylors of Augusta County, by Catherine C. Hammond

December 1998 (Vol. XXIV, Number 3) [should be Vol. XXIV, No. 5]

Practice Pointers: Attorneys May Help Ease the Pain of the Millennium Bug, by Jonathan R. Pond and David S. Lionberger
Legal Focus: New Tools for Corporate Counsel: The Emergence of the Soft Technologies of ADR, by John B. McCammon
Practice Tips: A mysterious toymaker’s memorable visit to the USPTO, by Marshall M. Curtis
The National Conference of Bar Presidents. NCBP provides a cross-country support network for bar leaders, by R. Terrence Ney

October 1998 (Vol. I, Number 2) [should be Vol. XXIV, No. 4]

Practice Pointers: E-mail ethics, by James J. Wheaton
Legal Focus: The Bill of Rights, the courts and the law. Public education programs will reach individuals and communities statewide, by David Bearinger
Lawyers play jury in Barksdale’s “Inherit the Wind,” by Caroline Bolte

September 1998 (Vol. 1, Number 1) [should be Vol. XXIV, No. 3]

Legal Focus: Can an attorney serve two masters? The relationship among insurer, insured and defense counsel, by J. Jonathan Schraub
Practice Pointers: Fixing broken retirement plans under new IRS correction programs, by Jeffrey R. Capwell
VBA/YLD gathers honors from ABA in Toronto

Spring 1998 (Vol. XXIV, Number 2)

Protecting your firm against fraud, by James D. Cotterman
The ice storm of 1998: Can business interruption insurance save your bottom line? By Robert L. Carter Jr. and Clarissa L. Weiant
Glitches in the transfer of personal property to entireties, by Leighton S. Houck

Winter 1998 (Vol. XXIV, Number 1)

Choice no-fault: No choice at all, by Stephen W. Bricker
Recovering attorney’s fees: The German system as a model for Virginia? by John B. Farmer and Dr. Heinz-Willi Kamps
Network marketing and the law, by Jeffrey A. Babener
Making a good first impression at trial, by Jason Vail

Fall 1997 (Vol. XXIII, Number 4)

The Virginia Bar Association long-range planning committee report
The absence of due process in fiduciary accounting, by J. Rodney Johnson
Consumer choice in the Virginia auto insurance market, by Jeffrey O’Connell and others
The eight effective rules of case management, by John A. Wasowicz
The Virginia Patient Health Records Privacy Act of 1997, by Paul A. Lombardo, Ph.D, J.D.

Summer 1997 (Vol. XXIII, Number 3)

Something new in limited liability companies, by Jerome P. Friedlander II
The WTO and law practice, by Stuart S. Malawer
Negligent hiring, negligent referral and a solution, by Joseph E. Kalet

Spring 1997 (Vol. XXIII, Number 2)

Special issue from the Construction and Public Contracts Section:

  • Pre-contract procedures and problems in public procurement, by Jeffrey L. Mincks
  • Insurance protection for construction projects: some basic principles, policies and pitfalls, by Fred R. Kozak
  • Disclaiming the differing side conditions risk, by D. Stan Barnhill
  • Subcontractor and vendor quotes to prime contractors: Application of the Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel in Virginia courts, by Larry W. Caudle Jr.

Remarks at the annual meeting banquet from the Honorable Kenneth W. Starr

Winter 1997 (Vol. XXIII, Number 1)

Special Issue: Young Lawyers Division 40th Anniversary Edition

  • History
  • Timeline
  • Pictorial record
  • Committees
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January 1975 (Vol. I, Number 1)



For additional information, please email Marilyn Shaw, VBA communications coordinator, or call her at (804) 644-0041.

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