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The VBA Foundation Donor List
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The VBA Foundation supports charitable and educational pursuits of The Virginia Bar Association.

The VBA takes care in updating these lists. However, in spite of our sincere efforts to avoid errors, they sometimes do occur. If your name has been inadvertently omitted, listed in the wrong place, or misspelled, we hope you will accept our apologies and advise us of the mistake.

2017 The VBA Foundation Contributors

The Virginia Bar Association extends its thanks to the individuals listed below, who submitted donations for 2017. The complete 2017 donor list generally is updated online in February, July and December.

Legacy -- $2,500 and above

L. Steven Emmert
John L. Walker III

1888 Society

The Hon. Rudolph Bumgardner III
Stephen D. Busch
N. Thomas Connally III
Cullen Family Fund of The Community Foundation, serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Marshall M. Curtis
E. Tazewell Ellett
Hugh M. Fain III
Richard E. Garriott Jr.
Rudene Mercer Haynes
G. Manoli Loupassi
R. Peyton Mahaffey
David S. Mercer
C.J. Steuart Thomas III
William G. Thomas
Lucia Anna "Pia" Trigiani
Thomas M. Winn III

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Additional 2017 Contributors

Leadership -- $500 to $999

Thomas R. Bagby
J. Edward Betts
David P. Bobzien
Thomas C. Brown Jr.
Victor O. Cardwell
Thomas F. Farrell II
Jeanne F. Franklin
William A. Galanko
Tracy A. Giles
Allen C. Goolsby
C. Thomas Hicks III
Susan M. Hicks
Michael and Brenda HuYoung
David Craig Landin
Alison M. McKee
James V. Meath
Stephen D. Otero
Richard H. Ottinger
Gant Redmon
Eric J. Sorenson Jr.
Frank A. Thomas III
William R. Van Buren III
Anne Marie Whittemore
F. Blair Wimbush

Sustaining -- $250 to $499

Thomas L. Appler
Peter A. Arntson
Charles B. Arrington Jr.
The Hon. H. Harrison Braxton Jr.
Mark Lewis Desgrosseilliers
John G. Dicks III
James H. Ford
Robert L. Freed
Ilona E. Grenadier
Michael C. Guanzon
W. David Harless
John T. Hazel Jr.
The Hon. William D. Heatwole
Dean Michael V. Hernandez
Cynthia E. Hudson
The Hon. M. Langhorne Keith
Donald E. King
Scott W. Kowalski
The Hon. Elizabeth B. Lacy
William J. Lemon
The Hon. Louis R. Lerner
The Hon. Everett A. Martin Jr.
George Keith Martin
Howard W. Martin Jr.
Jamie Baskerville Martin
The Hon. Stephen R. McCullough
The Hon. Nathan H. Miller
Monica Taylor Monday
The Hon. Norman K. Moon
Sharon D. Nelson
Samantha S. Otero
Hugh L. Patterson
The Hon. Florence A. Powell
Michael J. Quinan
John S. Shannon
Thomas G. Slater Jr.
James B. Slaughter
Thomas E. Spahn
The Hon. F. Bradford Stillman
Lori D. Thompson
The Hon. Anthony F. Troy
The Hon. George Varoutsos
John Tracy Walker IV
Robert B. Webb III
Cathleen P. Welsh

Patron -- $150 to $249

The Hon. David Adams
The Hon. John F. Anderson
Professor Margaret Ivey Bacigal
James E. Ballowe Jr.
Cheryl Black
The Hon. Daniel R. Bouton
Evans B. Brasfield
Jack W. Burtch Jr.
The Hon. Robert L. Calhoun
Kevin Michael Carlton
Joseph H. Carpenter IV
R. Yvonne Cockram
Ann K. Crenshaw
James H. Czerwonky
Sheri Denkensohn
The Hon. Robert G. Doumar
S. Miles Dumville
C. Thomas Ebel
Jane A. & Paul E. Fletcher III
John R. Fletcher
The Hon. Calvin W. Fowler
Deborah C. Gaglio
Yvonne S. Gibney
Steven P. Gould
Betty S.W. Graumlich
James L. Howe III
James V. Ingold
Hugh J.M. Jones III
Helen L. Kemp
The Hon. Cynthia D. Kinser
Thomas T. Lawson
Thomson Lipscomb
Maureen R. Matsen
J. Robert McAllister III
Kathryn P. McIntyre
The Hon. R. Michael McKenney
Martha F. Mica
Charles F. Midkiff
H. Victor Millner Jr.
Thurston R. Moore
The Hon. Henry C. Morgan Jr.
The Hon. W. Tayloe Murphy Jr.
The Hon. Daniel E. Ortiz
The Hon. Christopher Roy Papile
Stephen C. Price
Alfred M. Randolph Jr.
Stuart Raphael
Nancy N. Rogers
Thomas H. Rose Jr.
Douglas P. Rucker Jr.
C. Edward Russell Jr.
The Hon. Jeri Kaylene Somers
Harold E. Starke Jr.
The Hon. J. Warren Stephens
The Hon. Harry T. Taliaferro III
The Hon. Douglas O. Tice Jr.
Guy K. Tower
The Hon. Winship C. Tower
Hill B. Wellford Jr.
The Hon. John E. Wetsel Jr.
The Hon. Kimberley Slayton White
John Donald Whittington
J. Paul Williamson
The Hon. Gordon F. Willis
Sara Redding Wilson

Young Lawyer Patron (for YLD members) -- $75-$149

Nupur S. Bal
R. Patrick Bolling
John S. Hubard
Jonathan T. Lucier
Daniel D. Mauler
Tara McCook
Seth J. Ragosta
Andrew B. Stockment
Jeremy S. Williams

Other Donors

David N. Anthony
Harry K. Benham III
Professor Richard J. Bonnie
Professor Margaret F. Brinig
Clyde R. Christofferson
The Hon. Glen E. Conrad
Patrick C. Devine Jr.
Virginia B. Evans
The Hon. Walter S. Felton Jr.
Emily L. Foster
Gerald E. Gilbert
Barbara W. Goshorn
The Hon. David G. Lowe
Wade W. Massie
Thomas C. Phillips Jr.
George H. Roberts Jr.
Victoria R. Roth
The Hon. Jane Marum Roush
John F. Rutledge
The Hon. Pamela Meade Sargent
L. Wallace Sink
Norman A. Thomas
Benjamin J. Trichilo
Edmund Walton Jr.,


The Virginia Bar Association Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Please consult with your tax adviser regarding allowable deductions. The Virginia Bar Association Foundation is registered as a charitable agency with the Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs.

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